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Booksurge Clients

(personal / business website provided - "*" means RG designed)

Lisette Toth
Janet Smith
Clark Nelson
Som Nandivada
Martina Leslie
Russell Arquette
Alton Barnes
*Geoff Rover
Alice Halligan
Peter O'Lalor
Donald Austin, M.D.
Ruth Jacobowitz
Holly Ashton
Bernardo Macias
Anthony Newman
Laurie Nuck - Read Reviews!
Anne Thomas
LaVerne Cash
Robert C. Van Laanen
Larry Thompson
Ron Terborg
John Booth
Patricia McMahon
Kadine Hunter
Gia Bellard
Ruth Palmertree
*Diana Long
*Jim Ballard

Monica Slovenz
Jim Patterson
Jim Kohl
Paul Peters
Carli Moncher
Lori Denoly
David Wagner
Lynette Jacobs
Chuck Caple
Annette Green
Tico Publishing
Kendall Smith-Sullivan
Tammy Majchrzak
Shelley Mengo
Mary Jane Kasliner
Pamela Berry
Jules Sheppard
John Jagoe
Angela Cyrus
Susan Reinhardt
Derrick Horres
Penelope Blake
Daniel Rosenfeld
Jim Guerra

Terri McCrae
Marva Scott
*Mary Beth Hiers
Joyce Wolk
Peter Rocca
Liz Parkhurst, August House Publishing
Barbara Kiernan
Rev. Walter Wilson
Colleen Neibaur
Rev. Linda Glas
Jane Hirsch
Patricia Sheehan
Harry M
Jackie Curington
Karla Baker
Lisa Byers
Mike Malloy
Salt Communications
Lenore Gavigan
Daniel S. Barrington
Curtis Patrick
Nick Christopher
Bill Thompson
David Mills
Fred DeRuvo
Jules Smith
Marie Ferguson
Michael Henby
Neil Cohen
Paul Ebisch
Ruby Scott
George Hannye
Veronica Hill
Tim Kirk
Leonard McGill
Dan Barrington
Donald Iannone
Mark Ealy
John Chuchman
Eve Reid
Bill Graham
Jean Rhall
*Lynn Suzanne
David Epstien
Ed Sansena
Ebony Terrell
Donna Cox
Anthony Panico
Norman Kramer
Randy Peyser
Tonya Kennedy
Timothy House
Maryam Mizrahi

Independent Contracts

Fire Departments
& Municipalities
*Pine Ridge Fire Department
Lake Moultrie Fire Dept.
Bonneau Fire Department
Town of Bonneau
Other Publishing Clients
Patricia McMahon - AuthorHouse
Louise Brown - Trafford

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