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Logo / Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity

Are you starting a new business? Do you have a business that you're in the process of revamping? Maybe you want to create a personal logo for all your books to be identified by. Whatever the need, I can create it. From business cards to company stationary, to rubber stamps — get it all done here!

Pricing is based on package required. E-mail me for a quote.



Tired of being behind the camera? Want to participate in the party instead of recording it? Whether you're having a small birthday party or a quaint wedding, contact me to photograph it for you. I work with black and white, color, and digital photography.

Have me load your images onto a temporary web page for your family to view and select what photos they would like.

Need some stock photography done for your business? No problem. Tell me what you need, I'll get it done.

Would you like to have a photograph taken for your latest book? Do you need photos taken for interior pages?

-Just about anything with a camera!- Contact me today!


Book-promoting postcard

Every business needs to advertise. I can create full-color or black/white ads that you can use for the yellow pages, newspapers, or even magazines. All you have to do is tell me where you are going to advertise, what size your ad will be, and I will contact the location and get the specifics. You can also elect to have me create flyers or postcards that you can mail out for your special sale or notification.

Print is still very popular! You would be amazed at the response to mailed advertisement.

Price is based on size and difficulty of design. E-mail me for a quote.


8.5x11 Glossy Flyer
8.5 x 11 Glossy Flyer

Not everything can fit on a business card. Sometimes you need that "signature piece" that puts your consumer over the top. A brochure on your business can accomplish this task. Sizes range from 8.5x11 Brochures, 8.5x14 Brochures, 11x17 Brochure Posters. Or even get a

It's a great way to say, "You, the consumer, should be informed - here's more information about us!"

"Brochures can be used to build an image for your company, promote an event, update product spec's, or for a hundred other purposes. In the Internet Age, a 4-color glossy brochure helps distinguish "real" companies from 'wannabe's.'"-Quote, Printing for Less

Price is based on size and difficulty of design. E-mail me for a quote.


Digital Watercolor illustration
Digital Watercolor

Need your book illustrated? I am completely familiar with Booksurge's requirements for covers, interior illustrations, trim size, and jacket specs. And even if you are not working with Booksurge, I can create illustrations to match any publisher's specifications!

Children's books are a labor of love. Take a look at some of the many books I have done in many different formats: digital watercolor, pencil, line art, realistic sketching, you-name-it! Samples

Take a look at this rendering technique using photographs - you could essentially use photographs as black and white or color illustrations in your book! Anything is possible - your imagination is the limit - and my imagination is limitless!

Price is based on size and difficulty of design. E-mail me for a quote.

Book Covers / Jackets

Terborg Full color cover
Full color cover

Looking to illustrate or design a cover for your book? Don't know where to start? Contact me! I can get you going in the right direction and put the finishing touch (the cover) on your hard work(the book.) Don't just slap anything around your book! The hardest part of selling your book is getting the consumer to pick it up off the shelf.

Get a cover that says, “YES I'M INTERESTING - PLEASE PICK ME UP!”

I can follow any publisher's specifications!

Price is based on size and difficulty of design. E-mail me for a quote.

Publisher / POD Help


Tired of getting your project rejected? Want some help? I have experience with jacket cover, book layout, barcodes, image dpi, font specs and much more. Get your files submitted the first time around, avoiding a rejection letter.

Time is money—and your time is very valuable.

Since I am not dealing with hundreds of thousands of books, your service is personalized and expedient!
Contact me today!

Web Design

RBS Website
Website Promoting Book

Anyone can build a website. Everyone is building websites. But how many actually look good? Is the design consistent? Is navigation user-friendly? Do your customers constantly have to search for what they are looking for instead of having it handed to them?

These are important questions that deserve important answers. Don't leave your website up to someone who is just going to slap something together "to get your name out there."

Whether you are selling many products, promoting your new book, or simply hosting a website for your family - you need a designer. I can provide you a one-time design or a yearly contract.

Contact me for a website pricing guide.

Other Stuff

RBS Magnet
Mouse over to see cutout on Magnet

Need a magnet, bookmark, poster, you-name-it. If it needs to be designed, I can help. I have contact with many companies that can produce what you are looking for.

Get all your design and production needs in one location - let me do the work for you!

Contact me and let me know what you need!

Identification / Accountability Tags

What are these, you ask? Government agencies such as fire departments and police use these as identification. Fire departments in particular, use accountability tags when they are on a call. The tags are given to the Incident Commander when a firefighter is actively on scene. This lets the IC keep a good account of his firefighters. The tags also have important information concerning that firefighter inside. If there was a medical emergency, that information could be attained by cutting away the bottom of the tag, revealing the information that could save his life!

Or, you may be a community that needs pool, clubhouse, or gate passes. You can't beat the price for unique work - and when new residents move in, you can rest knowing that your graphic designer is "in house" to create their tag.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful tool, contact me.


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