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Customer William Graham - Chicago, Illinois May 2009

Over the past three years, you have designed the text and covers for my seven volumes of poetry. Each cover visually captured the essence of the main theme of each volume—from a nature theme to a playful theme for children's poems to an eye-grabbing hour-glass depicting the importance of time for my most recent volume. Each cover has been terrific; your skill and professionalism are top-notch. I can't wait to finish my next book so we can work together again!

-William Graham
Most recent book: Interlude: Poetical Works

Customer Stella Hayner - Normal, Illinois April 2009

Kathy, it’s Awesome! That’s what I think, it looks awesome! I’m thrilled and excited, looks more like a book then when I had it! (I just called it my ‘story’ now it’s actually a book!)
Thank you for your time, effort, dedication and being so helpful! I would be lost without you.

-Author of I Love You The Mostest, Mostest

Customer Joey Carnley - Cross, South Carolina December 2008

The ability to add my own pictures has been a great success. It's nice to be able to post my customers' pictures right away while they're still excited about their fishing trip and want to show the pics to their friends and families. They seem to really enjoy being posted on the World Wide Web for all to see. Their excitement helps get my name out there and that often translates to "more business" for me.
Thank you, Kathy.

-Capt. Joe Carnley
Cheap Hooker Catfish Guide

Customer Evelyn Katz - ..... May 2008

To my adorable Illustrator!

My friend is an artist named Kat
Whose art is right there where it's at!
She's got a great wit
--Inspired by it,
Pulls magic right out of a hat!

Ccan't wait to see your newest magic!

-Evelyn Katz
Author of Young Ing

Customer Mary Jane Kasliner - Ocean, New Jersey June 2008

Just a quick note to let you know I love my website! My lecture last night was a hit! People just love my site thanks to you.

-Author of The Feng Shui Connection To A Healthy Life

Customer Evelyn Katz - ..... March 2008

WOW! WOW! WOW! Come on kat, this is PHENOMENAL! You are totally amazing! Moe and I think the title page is PERFECT and butterfly would be overkill. If it works out to put it iin some place else, cool, if not, also cool!

I can see us being an NYT best selling book and probably oprah will want us on her show.
What should we wear?

-Evelyn Katz
Author of Young Ing

Customer Ebony Terrell - Bowie, Maryland December 2007

I've only read the first few pages and I'm jumping up and down!

-Ebony Terrell
Author of The Pilot

Customer Bill Graham - Chicago, Illinois August 2007

Kat: I love it! A really creative, excellent job. No changes needed. .....

Thanks again. You're really a wonderful designer.

-Bill Graham
Author of Terra Incgonita: Poetical Works

Customer Barbara Kiernan - Irvine, California June 2007

Thanks a million, Kat! You did such a FANTASTIC job:)

The illustrations are absolutely adorable - the photos crisp and clear - the layout is perfect - and the lettering and colors are all so very wonderful. We also LOVE the little buffalo that carries the page numbers:) That was a VERY creative extra touch.

You have done a splendid job turning my Mom's words and images into a first class book. Goolecki, the buffalo, and all the other illustrations are EXACTLY what Mom hoped they would be.

Your creativity, professionalism and quick turnaround are recognized and appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks to you and BookSurge, we expect my Mom to be able to walk again, VERY soon:)

Love and Peace, Barbara (On Behalf of My Mom and Our Entire Family:)

P.S.: The publication of Goolecki is VERY healing for my Mom. She was overwhelmed with joy when she first saw the author's copy last night.

-Barbara Kiernan
Daughter of author Irene Kiernan of Goolecki

Customer Bill Graham - Chicago, Illinois May 2007

Fantastic cover! My wife thinks so, too. A great job, really!

-Bill Graham
Author of Vox Publica: Poetical Works

Customer Jean Rhall - Sidney Center, New York May 2007

WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless!!! That doesn't happen very often at all!!!! I am so pleased with this cover I would not like for you to change anything at all. Thank you so much.....I really didn't think I described it very good but you hit it on the head exactly as I pictured it. Thank you again. I'll get back to you by tommorrow about the interior and the cover is absolutely perfect as it is now.... Your efforts are truly appreciated.

-Jean Rhall
Author of Reflection’s Of an Open Mind’s Eye

Customer Donald Iannone - Cleveland, Ohio April 2007

GREAT Job! I love it. You are sensational. I will be back to you for future work. You can count on it.

Thanks so much!

-Donald Iannone
Author of Walks in Life's Sacred Garden

Customer George Hannye - Knoxville, Tennessee April 2007

I have self-published two books to date. I am not a professional writer, so I hired one to eliminate the writing errors I made and to correct my grammatical mistakes and punctuation. That worked well.

However, the self-publisher I use does not have the most up-to-date software for converting my Word document to a PDF file. Because of this, preparing my first self-published book to go to press resulted in many, many hours of back-and-forth corrections and clarifications of what to do to meet their standards. My self-publisher's account manager suggested I hire Kathrine Rend to convert my Word manuscript to PDF.

I did so and what a difference.

She is reasonably priced, did an outstanding job of conversion to PDF, and made the necessary corrections within a day. I found her to be highly professional, a pleasure to work with, and timely and accurate. If you want to speed the process of getting your manuscript converted to a PDF file, I highly recommend Kathrine Rend.

-George Hannye
Author of On the Outside Looking In

Customer Barbara Kiernan - Irvine, California January 2007

Hi Kat,
You are a CREATIVE GENIUS !!!!!! Thanks a million! I NEVER expected you to convert my simple text and idea into something so INCREDIBLY SENSATIONAL.... Even including my photo! That was certainly an unexpected surprise.
Thanks again, you did a remarkable job. Love - Health - Peace and Joy, Barbara Kiernan

-Barbara Kiernan
Author of Behind the School Wall; Secrets Revealed by an Insider

Customer Harrison M - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia November 2006

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! That looks like a best seller!!! That looks amazing!...
Wow...very impressed with your skill, creativity and turn around speed.... I have two more covers for you after this one...

-Harrison M
Author of The Power to Change : How to be Mentally and Emotionally Free and Powerful

Customer Karla Baker - Chattanooga, Tennesse October 2006

After more than six months of pulling out my hair and trying to find a reputable book cover designer, I found Kathrine Rend. Working with her was an absolute breeze. She listens well and executes with ease. I love my book cover, and I can assure you that you’ll be pleased with yours. Thanks for a great job, Kat!

-Karla Baker
Author of Caught in a Web of Delusions : Untangling Myths and Finding Real Happiness

Customer Barbara Kiernan - Irvine, California
September 2006

Hi Kathy, Thanks a million for your patience and for doing such a professional job. The end result is absolutely PERFECT!!! I look forward to seeking your assistance again in the future. In the meantime, I wish you and your family lots of Love - Health - Peace

-Barbara Kiernan
Author of Behind the School Wall; Secrets Revealed by an Insider

Customer Joey Carnley - Cross, South Carolina August 2006

Hi Kat,

Within the next few days the counter on my web site will reach the 5000 hits milestone! You've really done a nice job for me, Thank you.

Potential customers are starting to call from far off states because they find me on the internet having never heard of me before they started their search for a Santee Cooper catfish guide. Just last night I booked a couple from Cincinnati, Ohio who are coming the the Charleston area for their anniversary. Last week I took 4 guys fishing from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They found me during a random web search.

Even people that initially hear of me through a different advertising medium often say it was the web site that sold them on me over the many other guides who I compete with for business. I've heard customers say "I chose you over the others because you have a very good web site and I believe what it says," and "Nice pictures and a catchy, informative and personable web site."

Just wanted to let you know you do a great job and that I appreciate your hard work and excellent quality.

Thank you.

-Capt. Joe Carnley
Cheap Hooker Catfish Guide

Customer Liz Parkhurst - Little Rock, Arkansas
August 2006

Seldom have I worked with a vendor as efficient and responsive as Rend Graphics. On one complex assignment, Kathrine worked through a weekend and beat her projected completion date by nearly a week. On another occasion, I had a production snag, sent her an e-mail to see if she could help me, stepped away for coffee, and by the time I returned to my desk the problem was solved. Absolutely first-rate service.

-Liz Parkhust
August House Publishers, Inc.

Customer Mary Beth Hiers - Columbia, South Carolina June 2006

I got home yesterday and recieved the bookmarks--they look awesome! Thank you for doing this so quick. I just love the website also.
I have enjoyed working with you. It has been a pleasant experience. You have really made a dream come true!
Thanks again,

-Mary Beth Hiers
Author of Watermelon ABC's

Customer John Jagoe - Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 2006

Thanks for turning the boring cover on the 2005 Edition of the "Export Sales & Marketing Manual" into a colorful and attention-grabbing one for the 2006 Edition - for which I have received many compliments. Several people have asked who did the cover and I have confidently recommended Rend Graphics to them. I also appreciate the excellent work you did re-formatting the entire 518-page manual so that Booksurge was able to print a high quality 2006 Edition that continues to be used in 76 countries worldwide. I am looking forward to working with you on the 2007 Edition - and many more to come.

-John Jagoe
Author of Export Sales & Marketing Manual, mutiple editions

Customer Derrick Horres - Charleston, South Carolina March 2006

Kat, give me a day or two to look this over, and I will get back with you by Monday with any changes and quantity. Personally I think this brochure is a work of art!

-Derrick Horres (commenting on a tri-fold brochure to compliment his book line.)
Author of A Dolly Fashion Show & A Day with Dolly

Customer Jim Guerra - Fort Worth, Texas
March 2006

I can't thank you enough, you're truly amazing, and I have enjoyed working with you, and look forward to doing it again.

-Jim Guerra
Author of The Cliff Dwellers Handbook: A Reverse Encyclopedia

Customer Alton Barnes - Montgomery, Alabama January 2006

Kathy, I just wanted to thank you again for doing a superb job on my book cover and formatting [the interior]. I have many people to ask who did the cover and how nice the cover looked. I'll give you and "A" Kathy.

-Al Barnes
Author of The Night Visitor

Customer Kendall Smith - Sullivan - Tampa, Florida August 2005

Rend Graphics is the company to do business with if you want perfection the first time around. I was very impressed with their attention to details and the quick turn around that I needed to get my book cover completed. Their professional service and follow-up customer service is rare and impressive.

-Kendall Smith-Sullivan
Author of SOULMATE LOGIC: How Any Woman Can Find Her Perfect Partner NOW!

Customer Tico Publishing - Moreno Valley, California
April 2005 & September 2005

Thanks Kat for the great work. Both my author and I appreciate it.

-Arnold, TICO Publishing

Another job done superbly and efficiently!

-On creation of seed packet design. (Sept)

Customer Joey Carnley - Cross, South Carolina April 2005

You do great work. I'm very pleased and I'm glad I hired you.
When I want something done, I'll ask you.
I don't know of anyone looking to start a web site or that needs business cards. But, when I find someone, I'll sell them on you.

Thank you Kathy,
I continue to be impressed with your flexibility, quality, and customer service.

You're a true professional I'm very pleased with you and your work.

-Joey Carnley
Cheap Hooker Catfish Guide

Customer Peter O'Lalor - Rye, New Hampshire
March 2005

Kathrine of Rend Graphics has proven to be an asset to creative expression. She is solution oriented, thorough, and always available to assist and implement great design. I highly recommend her without reservation. As a Booksurge client I am indebted to [her] for service and efficiency.

-Peter J. O'Lalor, author of The Never Realized Republic

Customer BJ & Jack Cothran - Surf City, North Carolina March 2005

Professional. Talented. Creative. Kathrine designed a beautiful image for our new business that makes us stand out from the crowd. She gave us one-stop service that saved us time and money and considerable effort.

-Jack Cothran, By the Beach Realty

Customer John Booth - Columbus, Ohio
September 2004

What a great way to wake up! This cover ought to be hung in an art museum somewhere. I'm going to take this down to Kinko's and print it like you suggested to get a better look, but at first glance I tell you, it really grabs me.

...and later

Holy smoke. You've done it.
Both Sherry and I looked this latest revision (interior) over page by page and it is perfect.
Also the revised (colored) cover art is truly superb. I went to Kinko's and had it printed and I couldn't be happier.
You are truly gifted. I really think you fully understood the "feel" I was after and man, did you nail it!
I can't thank you enuf for your expert help.

Thanks Kathrine,

John Booth, author of Millie Taft

Customer Larry & Vicki Thompson - Cypress, Texas September 2004

Kat, not only is it [the book cover] pretty awesome, but so are you.
It's fantastic.

-Larry, author of So Help Me God

Thank-you for the great cover and your hard work! -Vicki

Customer LaVerne Cash - Bel Air, Maryland
August 2004

Concerning the cover...

It's wonderful! Go ahead and send it to Booksurge.
Thank you so much!

-LaVerne, author of New Beginnings: A Hogan's Heroes Story

Customer Bernardo Macias - Sarasota, Florida July 2004

I want to thank you for your interest and your professionalism, it has been a pleasure working along with you in this project.

-Bernie, author of Recuerdos Pasados

Customer Rusty Arquette - Sarasota, Florida April 2004

Thanks Kat!...
The final version looks great, I'll be submitting it today, thanks so much for your help. Thanks again, it's been fun working with you.

-Rusty Arquette, author of Desire: Driven to Words

Customer Alton Barnes, Sr. - Montgomery, Alabama March 2004

Thank you sooo much for your work.
You do such a beautiful job.

-Alton Barnes, author of It Had To Be You and The Night Visitor

Customer Som Nandivada - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada March 2004

Thanks, Kat!
The pleasure is as much mine, you've done an excellent cover. I couldn't have asked for better. I look forward to working with you again too! Here's to a long and satisfying professional direction for both of us!

, author of Quaoar: A Trip

Customer Janet Smith, AJ & Associates - King, North Carolina February 2004

In the acknowledgments of her book, AAA Success Formula for Diabetics -

To Kathrine Rend, my illustrator, for her ability to adeptly give the book cover my personality, and for her help in the final production.

Customer Lisette Toth, L & L Publishers - Ontario, Canada December 2003

I am very happy that Booksurge was able to recommend you to me and it will be so nice to see Lori Ramsey's book finally get put into print format - the moment she's been waiting for! Have yourself a lovely day and hope to work with you again... please do by all means list me on your website as an extremely satisfied customer. You are very patient and pleasant to work with I must say. All my best to you Kathy!
Warmest Winter Wishes,

Customer Sabrina Coshow, Booksurge LLC - Charleston, SC June 2003

Great job! I took a quick look with Jeff at the ads and they look wonderful. You did good. Jeff was quite impressed with your sense of design. I told him that I already knew you would do a good job, that is why I picked you!!
Thanks so much!

Sabrina Coshow
Graphics Department
Booksurge, LLC

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